Graphic & Web Content designer

Chanthabouly District, Laos

Working for www.whatorder.co

Marketplace eCommerce platform

Information technology processing capabilities such as picture design, video cutting, website HTML design. Able to use modern software to handle the beautiful work of the website, have the ability of beautiful design and creativity, and understand the Internet technology and beautiful work to achieve simple and beautiful results.


Picture & video design cutting

Simple HTML&CSS web design

Maintain and create web pages


Website design

Creative rights

Brand designer

Must Have

Picture design tools (Photoshop, illustrator)

Video cutting tools (Camtasia...)

Web Design (HTML, CSS)

What's great in the job?

  • Create more space, designing cooperate with famous e-commerce platform;
  • Challenge yourself to create a more valuable yourself and create your own work in the creative space;
  • Dealing with the field of e-commerce design, the designed works are displayed to people all over the world;
  • Go abroad to participate in design competitions, for the platform to compete with foreign competitors;
  • Participate in project operation profit sharing.
Job Complexity:
Web and image design includes simple HTML CSS

Personal Evolution: 
Website and App Design in the Internet World

Variability of the Job:
Website Maintenance Engineer

Job Security:
Work from home or in the office

Communicate with foreign website designers
Team / Project Size:

5 / 10 PEOPLE

Avg Purchase Amount:



2,000,000₭ UP

Amount Growth:


Project Maturity:



Learn to do, New knowledge, New Experience

Prime location

Phongthong Savang Village 

(Roadside parking)

Sport Activity

Have the gym nearby, fitness after work

Eat & Drink

Nearby have many restaurants to choose