Purchasing Manager

Chanthabouly District, Laos

For Sourcing & Drop shipping Service

    Good at purchasing products from e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, 1688.com, alibaba.com, lazada, shopee, etc., and contacting merchants to solve product description & order issues and tracking cross-border logistics issues. Fluently use Internet management tools, such as: google drive, google sheets, google docs especially need to have a strong ability to rule out commodity procurement and logistics issues on a daily basis. (Priority in Chinese)


- Purchasing products 

- Solve product description problems
- Tracking logistics issues
- Summary of purchase finance


- Professional products purchasing
- Multiple products type knowledge

- Merchant order & logistics tracking experience

- Purchase expense & refund income accounting

Must Have

- Good at purchasing products such as from Taobao.com

- Good at internet management tools

- E-Mail checking & Google drive 

What's great in the job?

  • Enter the era of online e-commerce life and get real e-commerce operations
  • You will buy different products from the world factories, know the needs of local businesses
  • Learned ERP system, including procurement , financial, document management,  etc.
  • The opportunity to consult famous factories in China
  • Chance to get commissions for every big purchase
Job Complexity:
99% accuracy in procurement processing

Personal Evolution: 
Interested in e-commerce products

Variability of the Job:
Can be upgraded to platform administrator

Job Security:
Work in the office and use computer Overachieving

Go to China to dock factories and logistics companies
Team / Project Size:

5 / 10 people

Avg Purchase Amount:



2,000,000₭ Up

Amount Growth:


Project Maturity:

starting up


Learn to do, New knowledge, New Experience

Working place

Phongthong Savang Village 

(Roadside parking).

Sport Activity

Have gym nearby, fitness after work

Eat & Drink

Near by have many restaurants to choose